Market Segments


Markets Served by Alabama Graphite products
Westwater Resources (WWR) is developing a sustainable high-purity battery-grade graphite business to address supply and technical challenges in the energy storage market. Our differentiated value propositions include:

  • Abundant and sustainably sourced U.S. domestic natural graphite feedstock
    Map showing location of Alabama Graphite property north of Montgomery Alabama and the potential of over 1.8 million tons of Indicated graphite resource
  • Minimum 99.95% graphite purity and 99.99% demonstrated purity rate
  • Proprietary WWR graphite purification process with advantages over Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) based process on multiple key attributes
  • Three types of graphite product serving a wide array of battery chemistries (below)


Lithium-Ion Battery


Our Coated Spherical Purified Graphite (CSPG) is made with natural graphite and used for lithium-ion anode.  We anticipate a rapidly increasing usage of natural graphite that can mitigate the risks associated with cost fluctuations and supply challenges of artificial graphite.

DEXDG is a differentiated conductivity enhancer with a high surface area which enables fast charging and enhances the mechanical integrity of anode during charge/discharge cycles.

Lead-Acid Battery

Lead-Acid Battery

Our Purified Micronized Graphite (PMG) are key performance-enhancing additives for advanced lead-acid batteries.  Combined with the expander in negative electrode,  these additives can offer an advantage over carbon black by improving charge/discharge capacity and cycling performance.

Alkaline Battery


Our PMG is used as conductivity enhancers for alkaline batteries.  Our internal tests have generated promising data exhibiting improved performance over other natural graphite products, as well as over artificial graphite.

Lithium Primary Battery

Lithium Primary Battery

Lithium primary batteries are long-lasting non-rechargeable batteries that support our modern lifestyles in many ways.  Its applications include automotive (TPMS), medical and military applications essential to our lives and to national security.  Our PMG is key performance enhancers for these important market segments.




Westwater Resources, Inc. (WWR), is an explorer and developer of US-based mineral resources essential to clean energy production.


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