Corporate Governance

Charters and Policies

3rd Party Anti-Corruption Policy
Anti-Corruption Policy
Audit Committee Charter (Mar 2021)
Bylaws (Feb 2021)
Code of Business Conduct (Feb 2021)
Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers
Compensation Committee Charter (Mar 2021)
Corporate Governance Guidelines (Feb 2021)
Disclosure Controls Manual (October 2015)
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter (Mar 2021)
Privacy Policy (Oct. 2015)
Securities Trading Policy (Oct. 2015)

Committee Composition

and Corporate
and Public
Terence J. Cryan*
Christopher M. Jones
Tracy D. Pagilara*
Karli S. Anderson*
Deborah A. Peacock*
*independent director

Committee Composition

Terence J. Cryan*: Nominating and Corporate Governance Chair member
Christopher M. Jones: Safety, Environment and Public Affairs Chair member
Tracy D. Pagilara*: Audit member, Compensation member, Nominating and Corporate Governance member
Karli S. Anderson*: Audit member, Compensation Chair member, Safety, Environment and Public Affairs member
Deborah A. Peacock*: Audit Chair member, Compensation member

*independent director


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